The Truthe:

by ruthe

All history majors want to be history teachers. Which is why you’re perfectly justified to ask every single one of us if that’s what we’re trying to be. Because it makes us tear in pride and weep on your shoulders, snot-flying style. Really, being a history teacher is like, the pinnacle of my education.

No, honestly. I just recalled some pretty bloggable material from another day, when I made a new friend. Can’t remember who exactly it was, but the conversation-starter s/he attempted has got to be the most memorable job-question I’ve encountered.

Friend: “So, what’re you majoring in?”
Me: “History.” (awaits the history teacher revelation about to descend upon this mere mortal)

Friend: “OH! So are you going to be an archaeologist?”
Me: “You know, I totally didn’t expect that. But, no. ”

While I leave you with that, here’s an article I absolutely identify with: